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As a legislator, it is important that you recognize the responsibility entrusted to you by our Founding Fathers when they crafted Article V of our Constitution. They realized that a time would come when states would need to take action to protect the American people from an irresponsible and dysfunctional Congress. I believe our Founding Fathers intended that we as state legislators would understand that we not only have the right to use Article V, but moreover, a duty to use Article V when action was needed.

If ever there was an issue in the history of our country for which we should invoke our rights under Article V, it is the out-of-control, incessant upward spiral of our federal debt. If ever there was a time when the American people need us to act on their behalf, it is now.

The National Debt Relief Amendment (NDRA) has passed in North Dakota and Louisiana with bi-partisan support and is gaining significant momentum across the country. As we enter 2012, the NDRA has committed prime sponsors in 14 states, with serious interest in another 12. RestoringFreedom.Org is fully prepared to provide to you, as the prime sponsor in your state, with all the assistance you will need in order to secure successful passage of the NDRA.

Please contact me to learn more about this great effort!

Senator Curtis Olafson
North Dakota State Senate
National Spokesman, Restoring Freedom
(701) 265-2356