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As a concerned citizen, it’s difficult to watch the news without hearing about the out-of-control, incessant upward spiral of our federal debt. It’s also easy to recognize the impact of that debt on us, our families and our businesses, and to realize the staggering burden that will be left to our children and grandchildren to repay.

“An increase in the federal debt requires approval from a majority of the legislatures of the separate States.”

There is a solution . . . the National Debt Relief Amendment (NDRA). This simple, one-sentence amendment to the Constitution would require that Congress come to the American people (through the state legislatures) for approval to increase the national debt. Prudence and fiscal responsibility would be returned to Washington.

People from every political party are coming together to support the passage of the NDRA. We invite you to learn more and to join us in support of this important amendment. Our grandchildren are counting on us!

Please contact us if we can answer any questions or if you would like to get involved.

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James Booth
President, RestoringFreedom.Org, Inc.

A Guide to the Federal Debt

Although tongue-in-cheek, this video illustrates perfectly the out-of-control spiral of the national debt.

Would you run your household or business this way? Of course not! But why should Congress?

Yet regardless of which party is in power, our federal debt continues to rise and the current system provides us with minimal influence.

The NDRA would create a broad national dialogue prior to allowing Congress to mortgage our future.

We’re Making Progress

Two states have already passed the NDRA and we continue to add new prime sponsors. The map below shows the status of the NDRA in each of the state legislatures as of April 28, 2013. Check back to follow the progress toward passage of the NDRA.

US map showing NDRA progress

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The National Debt Relief Amendment Introduced in Congress

On January 18, 2012, Arizona Representative David Schweikert introduced the NDRA (H.J.RES.99) for consideration in Congress.

Read the full press release

View H.J.RES.99