About RestoringFreedom.Org

RestoringFreedom.Org, Inc. is a Texas nonprofit corporation formed in 2009. Its purpose is to provide the vehicle to develop and promote solutions to restore Americans’ freedoms and prosperity.

The core of our focus has been to uncover the root causes of America’s challenges. To step away from the party battle lines and look toward those solutions that can unite all freedom loving Americans in an effort to change the current dynamics and restore our ability to live free lives, and achieve economic prosperity.

We have come to the conclusion that at the core, our problems stem from the natural dysfunction that occurs when too much power and authority are concentrated in a central government. This was the lesson of our founders, and the lesson which is now becoming obvious to the current generation of Americans. Our goal is to advocate for nonpartisan solutions that correct this fault.

Specifically, we propose an amendment which imposes economic discipline to stop our decline into economic failure, and makes our government more accountable, open, and transparent. An amendment which creates a process that gives the people a voice in an open economic policy debate, and an opportunity to be heard. A process that provides an additional path for citizens to become involved in the choices of government officials, and that begins to redistribute power back to the people. We believe this will advance individual self-determination and allow America and Americans to continue to be a symbol of liberty and hope.

Our Spokesman, ND Senator Curtis Olafson

North Dakota State Senator Curtis Olafson served in the North Dakota Senate from 2006 to 2012.  During that time, he served as the vice-chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  In 2007, and in 2012, he was named the “Legislator of the Year” by the North Dakota Township Officers Association. Senator Olafson is a graduate of North Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science.  He is a self-employed entrepreneur with interests in farming, ranching, and construction. His business is headquartered on the original homestead settled by his pioneer immigrant grandparents, who emigrated from Iceland to North Dakota in 1883. They arrived in North Dakota with only 65 cents left in their pockets and a few meager belongings. Senator Olafson is a 3rd generation American and is committed to preserving America as a land of opportunity.

Senator Olafson was the first legislator in the nation to pass the National Debt Relief Amendment in his home state of North Dakota and was instrumental in securing passage of the amendment resolution in Louisiana after testifying in both the House and Senate Committee hearings.  He appeared as a speaker and a panelist at the Conference on the Constitutional Convention at Harvard Law School in 2011.  He was also invited to join Professor Rob Natelson as a co-presenter at an Article V Seminar at the Independence Institute in Denver in November of 2012, and was invited to be a speaker and a panelist at an Article V Conference held at the University of Central Florida in April of 2013.

Senator Olafson has achieved success in debunking the Article V amendments convention myths as he has worked to recruit his fellow state legislators from across America to support the National Debt Relief Amendment.  Senator Olafson has assumed the position of National Spokesman for the National Debt Relief Amendment on behalf of RestoringFreedom.org, and has published numerous articles and appeared as a guest on many talk radio shows across America in support of the amendment.

Senator Curtis Olafson at the Conference on the Constitutional Convention held at Harvard Law School.

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